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About Our Speakers

In Alphabetical Order

Brother Gary Blauvelt
Brother Gary Blauvelt, Deacon at Sand Lake Baptist Church, Sand Lake, NY

Brother Gary and his bride, Joyce, have been happily married since 1984 and have raised 7 children.  He has studied the bible all of his life and loves the Lord with all of his heart and soul; he is excited to help others grow in their walk in his role as Bible Studies Leader.  Brother Gary currently attends, and expects to graduate Faith Bible Institute in 2025 with a Diploma in Biblical Studies.  Brother Gary enjoys studying God’s Word, playing his guitar and “puttering around the house” in his free time.

Brother Russ Chamberlain
Brother Russ Chamberlain, Deacon at Sand Lake Baptist Church, Sand Lake, NY

Brother Russ and his wife, Maryellen, were married in 1987 and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  He has been employed full time at Hannaford Brothers Distribution Center since 1991.  Brother Russ has loved the Lord all of his life and it is his joy to fill pulpit supply on an “as needed” basis or in any other capacity as time allows.  Brother Russ is attending Faith Bible Institute and expects to earn his Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies in 2024. 

Pastor Allen Dustin

Pastor Allen Dustin, Retired, Former Pastor of Community Church of Grafton, Grafton, NY

Pastor Allen Dustin has been happily married to his wife, Carol, since 1983.  He started out as the Youth Pastor of the Community Church of Grafton, from 1969-1974.  Pastor Dustin then became ordained in 1974 which led to him becoming the Pastor of the Church from 1974-2017, when he retired.  Pastor Dustin fills pulpit supply as he is led and enjoys gardening and bible studies in his free time. 

Pastor Victor Harris

Pastor Victor Harris of Adult & Teen Challenge, Ravena, NY

Pastor Victor Harris has been happily married to his wife, Janine, since 2015 and they have one daughter, Jillian.  He graduated (Long Island) Teen Challenge in 2006, and in 2011, moved to the Albany office.  Pastor Harris was ordained in 2012 and serves as the Program Director for the Ravena Adult & Teen Challenge.  In addition, he helps to manage Blessingdales, a furniture store that offers new furniture at much reduced prices.  Blessingdales helps to financially support Albany Adult & Teen Challenge and is operated by program participants.  


Adult & Teen Challenge is one of the missions that Sand Lake Baptist Church faithfully supports.
Adult & Teen Challenge:


Pastor Perry Jones
Pastor Perry Jones, Pastor and Director of Capital City Rescue Mission in Albany, NY

Pastor Perry Jones wed his bride, Susan, in 1976.  Pastor Jones began his ministry in 1982 as an elder at Westerlo Baptist Church in Westerlo.  He then became the Pastor of Capital City Rescue Mission.  The Rescue Mission has been he and Susan’s life and passion.  Susan retired in 2023 but Pastor Jones still serves as Pastor and Program Director, where he still regularly saves souls!  In addition, he continues to fill pulpit supply as his schedule allows.   

Capital City Rescue Mission is one of the missions that Sand Lake Baptist Church faithfully supports. 
Capital City Rescue Mission:

Pastor Chuck Mosher
Pastor Chuck Mosher of Hancock Baptist Church, Hancock, MA

Pastor Chuck Mosher married his bride, Anita, in 2014.  He has two sons and five grandchildren at the time of this writing.  Pastor Mosher attended Pilgrim Baptist Bible Institute in NH, from which he was ordained in 1986.  He then became the Pastor of Hancock Baptist Church.  He is also the chaplain for the Williamstown Fire Department and the Williamstown Commons Nursing Home.  Pastor Mosher is the author of "The Diary and Ministry of 'The Tentmaker'" and thanks to his ongoing ministry in India, over 1000 Indians per year are saved via Zoom!  When Pastor Mosher isn’t speaking at Sand Lake Baptist Church, you can watch him “Live” on FaceBook at 6pm every Sunday evening as he delivers his message at his home church. 

Hancock Baptist Church:


Pastor Chuck Mosher_edited_edited.jpg

Pastor Kevin Post                  
Pastor Kevin Post of Youth For Christ, Clifton Park, NY

Pastor Kevin has been happily married to his wife, Kelly, since 1994 and is an Elder at Immanuel Church in Castleton, NY.  He enjoys kayaking and biking in his spare time.  Pastor Kevin has been with Capital District Youth For Christ since 1988, and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer. 

Capital District Youth For Christ is one of the missions that Sand Lake Baptist Church faithfully supports.

Capital District Youth For Christ:

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